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Visiting Scientist application

Click the link below to open the Project Proposal form*.

*A Google account is required to access the Project Proposal form.

*Answers and completed fields are automatically saved and the form can be revisited and completed over multiple sessions.

Within the Project Proposal form, you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Applicant information

  • Principle Investigator information (if required)

  • Personnel information (if required)

  • Collaboration information (if required)

  • Project information

  • Sample details

Applications are assessed predominantly on the Project Proposal, which is a separately compiled document, uploaded as part of the application form. The Project Proposal is a short document containing information about the experiment to be carried out at the AMI Imaging Centre. It has a word limit of 3,000 words and can contain a maximum of 3 figures/images. The Project Proposal needs to contain the following information to be fairly reviewed:

  • Project summary

Provide a short (max. 150 words) overview of the experiment being proposed. Use language that non-expert scientists can understand. Avoid use of overly-technical phrases and concepts. Simply explain what is being tested and what the experiment might reveal. Include what microscope is being applied for. Real world or translational impact and justification for research is not required in this section.

  • Project background

Provide background to the sample and the specific biology being investigated. Please provide the scientific rationale behind the experiment, including previous data and images if possible (failed experiments can be very informative). Describe the biological relevance of the system being studied. In this section, briefly summarise the potential future implications of the field of study.

  • Specific aim and hypothesis

Detail the goal of the experiment. The hypothesis must be clearly suitable for the outcome of the experiment and provide a distinct outcome to it.

  • Justification for use of microscopy

Please provide justification for why you require use of the microscope in the AMI Imaging Centre to study your sample. Explain this from both a scientific perspective (such as the need to visualise the sample over time) as well as personal justification (such as limited access to infrastructure). 

  • Experimental approach and design

Describe how the sample will be labelled and prepared for imaging. Include as much information as possible relevant to imaging parameters or requirements (image resolution, image frequency, imaging depth, multi-channel). Clearly describe the experimental conditions being studied and how they will be controlled.

  • Measurable outputs and quantified metrics

Identify the aspect of the images produced during the experiment that will be measured and be informative of the hypothesis being tested. Define what biological feature will be measured and how. If you have a quantitative image analysis approach planned, include it here.

  • Impact

Explain how this experiment will have immediate impact on your laboratory. This does not refer to real-world implications such as disease treatment or climate change. Focus on how this experiment will influence and inform future experiments in your lab. Where relevant, highlight the potential for results of this project to be included in a scientific paper, a thesis or dissertation, a grant application, or establishment of a collaboration.